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Anti-Virus Programs!
(a few of them are free, EZ Trust is not)

Go to CA AntiVirus 2009 web site!
-Price is $39.99 to buy, but only $19.99 to update per year.
-You can download a free trial software from CA here!   
-If you are switching from Norton or McAfee or another AV program, please follow the instructions here!

The "AVG" Free Anti-Virus Program! (Ver. 8.0)
- Free Anti-Virus software.

The Free "Anti-Vir" Anti-Virus program!
- Click above to download the free version of "Anti-Vir". (Updated 12/2008)

Some other free programs!
(Remove Norton A-V, Adware and some cleaning programs)

Download Free Norton Anti-Virus Removal Tool!
- This is a Norton Anti-Virus removal tool created by Symantec, the company that writes the Norton Anti-Virus Software. I have not tested it, but it should work fine.
(This program does not remove viruses, it removes the Norton Anti-Virus Program!
Some people, like me, think Norton is a waste of resources and want to remove it. This program does that!
If you like your Norton Anti-Virus, don't use this tool!!)

Best Freeware Spyware Killer!
(Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition 8.0)

- A freeware tool that allows you to get that nasty spyware off of your computer!
See also Ad-Aware's website for more and up-to-date information. (Updated 4/15/09)

Spybot Search and Destroy!

(Free Ad-Ware cleaner)
A free program that finds and deletes Ad-Ware. Try it!

Freeware Windows Optimization
CCleaner! (Crap Cleaner, v.2.21, 3.2 MB)

(The best freeware cache cleaner I have ever used!)
A freeware tool that allows you to clean temp files, cookies, internet cache, clean up the registry and much, much more!
(Now a direct download, not just a link!!, updated 7/31/09)
You have to try this one!!

 ** Boloworks uses daily!

Disk Cleaner!
- A freeware tool that cleans some hidden files in your Windows OS!
You can also configure the files you want to clean!
(Latest version with all plug-ins; updated 12/08)
 ** Boloworks uses daily!

Freeware Cache Cleaner!

- A freeware tool that allows you to clean temp files, cookies, internet cache and much, much more!
(Now a direct download!)

Created with Evrsoft First Page Website Builder & HTML Editor
1st Page 2000 HTML Editor

(The best, free and only HTML editor I have ever used!)
A free HTML editor to use to build web sites, teach yourself HTML, help you to upload your pages, help to keep your pages up-to-date and a lot more!
 ** Boloworks uses daily!

Fast Defrag 2!

(Free Defragger)
A free program that does a quick defrag of your system. Frees up memory to speed up your performance! Many features including auto-start, Task Manager, System Configurator link and more.
 ** Boloworks uses daily!

Free "BoloWorks" Programs!
(-Written, by me Jonathan Bolick, with Rapid-Q programming software. I know some of these programs are simple, but so am I!!!)

IEcon Changer!
- I wrote this because a company that I used to use for internet service, left an icon on my Internet Explorer after the uninstall. So I fixed it. Changes the icon in the top-right hand corner of IE and changes the name at the top of the web page. Very simple, nothing fancy. Just download and run.
(Image for the icon needs to be 22x22 pixels. I have several samples that I made if you would like to try them, here.)

CopyFlop! (Beta)
- I wrote this for my company to make floppy copies quickly and easily. A very specific program that may work for you or it may not. If so, great, if not let me know some ideas and I may change it a little. (Beta)

HiraVue Japanese Hiragana viewer!
- I wrote HiraVue because I took two semesters of Japanese and I thought this would be a handy tool to help me remember Hiragana. Simply download and run. Select the hiragana and it shows you the form.

KataVue Japanese Katakana viewer!
- Same idea as HiraVue, only uses Katakana instead of Hiragana. Simply download and run. Program operates the same way as HiraVue.

Find Area Codes! (BoloWorks "Area Decode")
-Lets you use your arrow keys or click on an area code to see where it is located throughout the U.S. and the Carribean. You simply extract the files to a directory, i.e. "C:\Area Decode" and run the program "Area Code.exe". Select the area code you are interested in finding in the list on the left and the area is listed on the right.

BoloWorks Tip Program!
- A little program to help figure your tips at restaurants. Simply download onto your computer and run.

GPA Calculator!
- Nothing special, just figures your GPA as you input your hours and grades. Also shows "Quality hours" as well. Simply download and run.

- Really nothing special, let's you start a timer and then stop it to see the time that has elapsed. I know, big deal, whoopee, hey, I was still learning! Simply download and run.

Desktop Wallpaper Changer!
- Changes the wallpaper on your desktop. Has only been tested on Win98 and ME, not sure about 2000, XP or NT. Simply download and run. You may need to refresh the desktop for changes to take effect.

Other Free Files and Programs!

Asadoorian Consulting's Malicious Software Guide!
- A handy guide that explains, in everyday terms, about spyware, adware and other malware. Written by Asadoorian Consulting, a computer and technology services company specializing in home and small business clients in Southern California.
Contact Asadoorian Consulting at:
Phone: 818-636-7360

BK Guy Christmas Carol!
- Join in and sing along with the BK Guy's warm Christmas Carol!!
(the Joe Davidson remix of the one on the web site)

(-these programs are written by other programmers using the Rapid-Q programming language.)

Get IP!
- Tells you the IP address of the computer you are on. Just a little program I use to check my IP for programming. Simply download and run.

Hard Drive Serial Number!
- Will give you the serial number of the hard drive in you computer. Simply download and run.



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